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Sayonara (1957) IMDB 7.10(2 872) Full Movie Download

original title: Sayonara
rating: 7.10(2 872)
The U.S.
drama, romance
Director: Joshua Logan. starring: Marlon Brando, Pet Ouens, Ed Battons, IRI Taka, Ricardo Monta”ban, …
running time: , 147 min.
release date: 1957


Mayor Lloyd Gruver serves on the Japanese military air base in the midst of the war in Korea. Gruver sees manifestations of racism on the part of the American military in relation to the Japanese: servicemen forbid to marry yaponkah.Buduchi the first time indifferent to such a situation, Gruver forced to change his position when his friend Joe Kelly falls in love with a local woman and going to be combined with her legal marriage. Kelly over the head command is drawn with a petition in Kongress.Podderjivaya his companion, Gruver himself falls in love with a beautiful Japanese dancer Khan-OGI and is in the same position, that and Kelly.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 100% (2) Reddlli – 25.10.2011 ‘Sayonara’ is a beautiful, unusual, touching film, in which harmoniously intertwine the two cultures, two stories of love. The film is interesting not only as a melodrama, but also in the cultural and historical aspect. Prior to this film I was not aware of policy relationships between America and Japan in the post-war years. In the movie there is a detailed description of the life of the Japanese. Getting acquainted with the heroes of the film, we get a… read all the ‘Fammy – 03.06.2010 Sayonara means to a meeting or good-bye. Goodbye old statutes, senseless laws and infringement of human rights, the rights to happiness and love, regardless of race, colour and nationality… read more\’
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